I am so in love with this kiss.

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It’s August already! Oh how time flies when you’re under quite a lot of pressure ‘cause of your thesis. Good thing I could still manage to take care of myself especially my skin. 

Keeping my skin at its best despite all the stress

I’ve been free from breakouts from quite some time now. Thanks to this!

I was planning to keep this a secret ‘cause it’s not very well known but I wanna help you out so just keep reading….LOL

(Photo courtesy of Dana Paredes)

S.O.S. (Save Our Skin).

I remember having those stubborn pimples back in my 2nd year of college. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without feeling guilty and pitiful. I tried everything I could possibly use just to make it go away and vanish itself into thin air. I even had my hair cut short (how short? Boy-cut short) but this is the only product that worked. (I sound like a person doing a testimonial ad! haha) My cousin told me that her dermatologist recommended this to her so I gave it a shot. And yes.after 3 days my face started getting smoother, the pimples are less visible and about a week later, it disappeared completely! 

How to use it? Just apply it every night after washing your face before going to sleep. Simple as that. It’s a mini roll-on so it’s very easy to use.
Don’t just use it whenever you break out, apply it every single day to prevent pimples from coming back. I’ve been pimple-free for 2 years now. I mean, of course there are those occasional skin irritations (which are not considered pimples) ,nobody’s perfect. but SOS can handle it. It also sells for a very cheap price (Php 100)! How great is that! Go to your nearest Mercury drug now :)

Hope this will help! It really works for me.

Take care of your skin!
Having really great skin plays a big role in boosting one’s confidence.

Please play this on my wedding day. 


Here’s an artwork I did for our Illustration subject last sem.
"Medussa meets Poison Ivy" 

Here’s a picture of it without the background (we gotta put some sooo)

here’s the final output

I worked on this for 11 sleepless hours. 6pm-5am.
I’m happy with how it turned out :) 


Wow! It’s been so long since I last logged in here! I just realized that I missed the whole month of June!

I’ve been so busy (obviously) with my thesis but I’m having fun with it. Oh and in case you don’t know what I’m working on…I’m working on my shoe-bag and accessory line :) It’s not gonna be easy but I’m just so psyched to be on the “executing” process!

Aside from that, I’ve also been busy coming to shoots with my love and “Directing” models.

Here’s one
Shot by: The Kyle Shih

Modeled by: Riza Siccion


and here’s one that I recently did for Thea (she’s a really good make-up artist). She looks like Megan Young in this shoot. 

This was shot by: Jon Lazaro

It’s not easy directing poses. It’s like being an acting instructor for pictures. But oh well I’m having fun with it. I get to be with my love every shoot and it doesn’t even feel like “work” to us because we get to help some friends and we get to be with each other and act crazy (like randomly lifting me and spinning me around crazy) during shoots. 

It’s July already! I’m lookin’ forward to more fun and chaos this month. 

Watch out for my next post. I’m finally going to share my secret on how I managed to keep my skin pimple-free for quite some time now.
(I’m just doing this because many people are asking and because I would love to help you guys) 

Philippine Fashion Week Intern: Catherine Ramos

Check out my PFW intern feature here. :)


Our Philippine Fashion Week Internship sharing is not over yet! Check out Catherine Ramos’ story, intern for Ronaldo Arnaldo.

I just had the most amazing summer experience because of my internship with one of my favorite designers, Mr. Ronaldo Arnaldo. I love his style. His designs are very well made, very wearable, very stylish and very good when it comes to quality. Sir Ronaldo is someone who’s very meticulous when it comes to details in his designs. That explains why so many women love to wear his label.

Read More

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May 27th: The Anniversary

I came home at around 12:30am on the 27th of May 2012. While I was still in the car with my mom, I kept on telling her stories about how Kyle was in La Union the whole day and how he ate too much that day, not knowing that she was Kyle’s kakunchaba for his surprise. (Deep inside, my mom was laughing at me lol) I came home tired and happy at the same time ‘cause ofcourse! It’s our anniversary. I even called him at 12am just to greet him. I even said I was the first one to greet. I didn’t know that behind my bedroom door was the best surprise that I would ever encounter (so far).

I went upstairs towards my room. I noticed that my sister was at our computer and that a post it with a big red heart on it was posted at my door. I asked my sister if she was the one who doodled that. She said no, (I still have no clue) so I innocently opened my bedroom door then viola! this AMAZING thing…done by this AMAZING guy turned my face in to this :O unexplainable emotion. 

He came walking towards my room holding a cake *with slight nervousness and with my little sister playing love songs in the background :))* saying “Happy Anniversary!”. My wall is filled with post its (obviously). He wrote words that describe me IN DETAIL. (he knows me so well.) And between all that is a huge portrait of me (obviously). I’m all out of words after seeing what he did. I love you so much, Kyle! I thought you were in La Union the whole day of the 26th. I didn’t know you were so busy setting this up with the help of my sis and my mom. Oh yeah, on my bed was "a letter to the most beautiful lady I’ve ever met in my life, Cathy". 

How could anyone not love what he did? I can’t stop hugging and thanking him that night. My mom and my sis were very happy for us. All of us celebrated and shared our cake. You’re the best Kyle, you really are. I didn’t know that you were planning this for so long ;)

We celebrated our anniversary at MOA. We ate at Superbowl and ordered our favorites! 

We both know that we can’t finish this meal but we order it EVERY SINGLE TIME. We’re so matakaw and takaw mata like that .

We were supposed to watch Michael Cinco and Jerome Salaya Ang’s show with Sir Ronaldo that night but we decided to dedicate the whole day for the both of us so we just went to check out the Bazaar at SMX, bought an item then went straight off to watch MIB 3. It was nice. I suggest kids to watch it. They’ll appreciate it more. We went home afterwards, you can call it a typical date but not for us haha ‘cause our actual “day” started with a big WOW from my face. Thanks to him ;) Happy Anniversary love! Thank you for the best year I’ve ever had so far. More best years to come with you.

Now and forever, Cathy <3 

PFW Day 5 and 6: Oxygen and Sassa Jimenez’ + show

I was asked to usher for Oxygen’s fashion show by my agency. It was a great opportunity for me to learn how to deal with people more, especially the country’s VIP’s. I went to Monaco at around 3pm, got my hair and makeup done together with my fellow models/ushers. We went straight to SMX after that. We were given instructions and ID’s. We were also dressed in form fitting LBDresses. 

I failed to take pictures of myself during the event because that would be very unprofessional LOL. Oxygen’s brand manager, Mr. Jeffrey Bascon kept on handing us the VIP’s since me and my fellow CFAD, Krish were assigned to seat people within that area. It was a very stressful but very fulfilling experience to get to meet the country’s hot shots and have them thank you for serving them. Imagine having to walk in 5-inch heels back and forth the whole night while trying to maintain a very friendly and approachable look on your face haha it wasn’t easy but I honestly enjoyed the job. Hoping to book more ushering events! 

Day 6: Sassa Jimenez’ show. 

This day was very stressful for me but at the end of it was a very VERY pleasant surprise (read about it on my next blog post), later on that. Before going to this show, I had to run errands (go to trinoma in the morning, to a go see in the afternoon,go home again and finally to a friend’s house to get dressed). I came here with my friends. I missed them a lot since we were all so busy during the summer because of our OJT’s 

Here’s Jess, Dan, Me and Faith <3

Sassa’s show was a good one. Her and Yvonne Quisumbing’s collection were my favorites that night.

On the runway were a couple of our model friends, Aya and Niki. They’re both really good muses. Aya’s mom was even there. They both rocked the catwalk.

(Photos courtesy of Jessica Murphy) 


Overall it was great night for me and my friends. I waited at Faith’s house for my mom to fetch me, not knowing that a huge HUGE surprise was up for me at home…. ‘Til my next post ;)

Philippine Fashion Week: Ronaldo Arnaldo,May 23 ‘12

Sir, Ronaldo Arnaldo’s show was the official start of a very VERY busy but awesome week for me.

Here’s Sir Ronaldo, his cousin and Jowie (one of Sir’s close friends), My Kambal haha at Greenwich. We’re about to have our early dinner before the backstage chaos starts. 

Here are some backstage photos while waiting for our models to arrive. 

We organized the sketches and the accessories so that we wont have a hard time figuring out whose model does those clothes belong to..etc. 

Here’s me and Mars (sir’s intern last year) by the “collection” ;) 

There’s me having too much fun at work (pardon my overly-wacky face). Trust me, if you don’t love what you’re doing you’re gonna grow tired of it easily. 

Here are more backstage photos featuring Arnold Galang’s collection + the fashion show aftershock. 

Taking pictures backstage was actually prohibited but i got skillz lol. 
It wasn’t easy dressing each one of our models. It was chaos. It really was but it was one fulfilling experience for me to be able to go through all that backstage action. (that sounded so wrong). I felt so privileged to work with my favorite designer.

This was officially my last day of work for him but I promised him that I would still visit his shop whenever I have free time. He told me that his shop is always open for me. He even offered me access to fashion week shows that are hard to get invites to. I’m one lucky intern ;)

Click this to view Ronaldo Arnaldo’s full collection. 


Shot in Bohol last summer 2011. I want to go to Bohol again.

Shot by my love. I wish we could go back here next year. <3

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I thank God for His continuous flow of blessings. I just recently made my designer (Sir. Ronaldo Arnaldo) sign my evaluation sheet. I didn’t want him to show it to me ‘cause it has to be sealed but he told me what he’s about to write (He rated me as above average in everything and he told me that I was an excellent intern) *tears of joy*  PLUS. I have so many happenings to look forward to this coming week! 

Monday (May 21st) - It’s my Kyle’s birthday! 

22,23 and 24 will be allotted for fashion week. (Gotta help my 2 designers Jinggo and Sir Ronaldo for their show)

26th- Will be watching Miss Sassa Jimenez 

27th….It’s a big day for me for it’s Me and Kyle’s Anniversary! I don’t know what to expect really but I’m pretty sure that, that day will be very unforgettable. 

The following week will be my rest week (Late summer Beach-ing with my love and my family.)

So many blessings. I have every single day to rejoice for it. <3 


I just saw this post on facebook. I couldn’t help but strongly agree with this.

No relationship is worth having if it’s causing you sin. No relationship is worth having if it’s causing you to lie. I know better now. Trust me, I’ve been there before. I realized that freedom is being able to do what I want and being able to do what is right. It doesn’t feel good to lie to your parents about your “whereabouts”. Why do it even? Don’t you realize that the reason why they always “track you down” is because they just want your safety? 

Sa moment na nakuha mo na yung trust nila, nako, ANG SARAP SARAP SA FEELING.

I remember when my parents used to be bantay sarado about me. Well, it was my fault. I was a rebel back then. I used to be so annoyed because they always want to know where I’m going, who I’m with, why I’m going there…etc. It’s like sending an application for a US Visa. It reached to the point where they had to ground me just to get a hold of me. I thank God… I REALLY THANK GOD na hindi nila ako tinigilan. If it wasn’t for them, and God’s guidance, I would’ve gone astray…

I really worked hard to gain their trust after those incidents. Know what I did?
I told them all my whereabouts IN DETAIL and I made sure that they know every person I’m going to hang out with for the day. It wasn’t easy. It took a little time for me to gain their complete trust. 

Know what I have now? Complete/TOTAL freedom. I still tell them where I’m going and who I’m with but they don’t require me now to update them every second. I honestly can go wherever I want. They never hold me back because they trust me. I just make sure that they know that I’m safe. 

As for the freedom in my relationship with Kyle? 
Oh Gosh, I can’t even utter those words that could explain how much they love Kyle for me.  Kyle really proved to them that he’s a very trustworthy man. He’s really a good guy, I could honestly say. Him having no vices is a major plus to them. They really got to know Kyle better when we stayed in bohol. He spent a whole month with us there. They loved the fact that he really got along with my siblings. He’s very close to my siblings that my sister even calls him her best friend haha!
Whenever Kyle and me go out, we really don’t have a limit when it comes to time, he just has to make sure that he gets me home safe. He’s always welcome here at our house to stay the night whenever we come home late from every date/ shoot that we attend to. (THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY TRUST US)

It just really feels good to find the true meaning of freedom. Hope you kids out there experience it too. Just don’t forget to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell the truth to your parents, don’t let them worry about your safety and make sure that you trust their discernment. (whenever they don’t let you go out with certain friends, before getting mad at them, think first. Maybe those friends aren’t really good influences? Maybe there’s a reason behind them hindering you. Maybe it’s for your own good. Maybe they’re right.)

I just want to add this: If you’re in an illegal relationship right now, think about it. Why should you hide it? Are you guys doing something wrong? Why wont you introduce your “partner” to your parents? Isn’t he/she worthy? Are you afraid that they don’t like him/her for you? Are you afraid of what they’re going to say? Maybe you have to try and step up now. Maybe what they’re going to say or discern about that guy/girl would be a wake up call for you…Think about it. 

May 3. Joyce Pring’s bday celeb..and more.

My body’s too tired to even go here because of my very busy schedule but because I REALLY MISSED MY FRIENDS, I decided to say yes to this rockeoke party at CRAFT, fort strip

This is me and jess (Rico thought that we were this lesbian couple. Oh well) haha

Mayonnaise (sorry I don’t know his real name) and Rico we’re really good performers. Their voice sounded just like their song’s radio version.

Yes, that’s the birthday girl everybody. Haha it’s also my first time to watch Joyce perform. She’s really good! and I mean really.
And yes, she really hates the cake no? 

I’m glad I came (though I’m not really in to the “bar scene”) because almost all of my friends were there. I also made new friends!! (I sould like a kinder gardener )

After this, we decided to eat at the nearest McDonalds then went home after. I asked my dad to fetch me at Faith’s even tho it’s already 4am. He said YES :(( Oh God I have the sweetest Dad in the whole universe. I’m blessed with good friends and good relationships. 

Keep the good vibes comin’. 


May 10, 2012

Fashion week’s comin’! and I can’t wait. We just did the fitting for Sir Ronaldo Arnaldo and Jinggo Inoncillo’s (Menswear) collection a while ago. It was tiring but fun (as usual, ‘coz I love doin’ this job) I took pictures of the models and assisted them with the clothes. 

Watch out for their collections. They’re really gonna put on a great show. 

Here’s their schedule: 

May 24: 7:30-8:00 MENSWEAR Anthony Nocom , Dodjie Batu , Drei Soriano , Edgar Buyan , Frederick Policarpio , Herbert Custodio , Jesson Capuchino , Jinggon Inoncillo , Ronan Opina , Simon Ariel Velasquez , Ulysses King , Zxander Tan

See you there! 


Shot by: le lovely boyfriend, Kyle Shih
Hair and makeup by: Anthea Bueno 
Assisted by: Jon Lazaro, Gabriel Domingo and Oko Fransisco 

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